Additive building solutions up to 500°C (printing) or up to 650°C (stress-free-annealing)


pL ADDITIVE is a division of pL LEHMANN. With over 50 years' experience in machining production and as a manufacturer of CNC rotary tables for over 40 years, we are closely familiar with the demands placed on industrial production processes. The need for a zero-point clamping system was inspired by the fact that many workpieces made by SLM technology need to be post-machined for mating surfaces, threads, surfaces or other precision contours. This synergy will allow the user not only to produce the 3D-printed workpieces, but also to post-machine and finish it in an efficient, precise and reliably manner. We focus mainly on the following post-machining methods:

  • Measuring, testing 
  •  X-raying 
  • Heat treating to 650 °C 
  • All machining production technologies such as turning, milling, boring, grinding, eroding, water blasting 
  • Hirtisation (Hirtenberger, AT), an electrolytic surface treatment method and support structure removal 

Development activities on a suitable zero-point positioner and clamping system have begun in collaboration with a renowned manufacturer. It soon became clear that the installation space itself (construction shaft, construction platform) presents unresolved challenges for the manufacturers and the users. In this specific environment, we have set ourselves the goal of being a competent partner to both machine manufacturers and users. 

pL LEHMANN is a medium-sized business that has specialized in rotary tables for over 40 years: 

  • 1960   Founding – Contract manufacturing
  • 1973   Conversion into a stock corporation
  • 1974   Introduction of the first numerically controlled rotary tables (HUST)
  • 1980   Construction of new factory building
  • 1986   Development of the Series 400
  • 1988   2nd generation joins the company's management
  • 1997   Construction of new assembly building
  • 2000   Development of Series 800 (direct drive up to 10,000 rpm)
  • 2002   2nd generation assumes management responsibility
  • 2003   Development of Series 700 (direct drive up to 800 rpm)
  • 2008   Addition of office building
  • 2010   Development of the Series 500
  • 2011   Start of internationalization / lean production
  • 2013   Development of high-speed version
  • 2016   Expansion of factory building
  • 2017   Introduction of the 600 series – the built-in alternative for the OEM and the start of AM-LOCK development
  • 2019  Introduction of the 900 DD series up to 5,450 rpm and market launch of AM-LOCK, as well as the development and introduction of the AM-SHAFT construction shaft concept 

Today, pL LEHMANN is still an owner-managed family-owned company present in over 20 countries

The company is committed to typical Swiss values

+ Product quality
+ Superior technology
+ Innovation and flexibility
+ Long-term, sound business policies

AM-LOCK for economic production:  Long-standing experience in various sectors and good relationships with machine manufacturers 

Extensive experience with CNC rotary tables 

Additive-capable zero point and positioning system AM-LOCK, suitable for e.g.