Additive building solutions up to 500°C (printing) or up to 650°C (stress-free-annealing)



AM-LOCK focuses not only on automating the additive machine itself, it also automates the post-machining process. A "man machine balance" soon reveals that, due to the process time, numerous 3D printers are usually required to use a single post-machining system to full capacity.  

Man machine balanced material flow

Capacities have to be leveled. Automation is not worthwhile everywhere. AM-LOCK facilitates rational manual operation. And can also be automated at any time. 

Fluent production 

Data and material need to flow. Correct software and hardware is a prerequisite. AM-LOCK and CADS Additive are ready.  

AM-LOCK plug-ins available for various systems: Implemented by CADS Additive