Additive building solutions up to 500°C (printing) or up to 650°C (stress-free-annealing)


Construction shaft for 3D metal printing in the powder bed up to 500°C 

An interesting solution for every machine manufacturer. As a development partner and manufacturer, we supply pre-finished systems tailored to your machines. 


FEM Thermo analysis 

Start of 3D printing

Mid 3D printing

3D printing finished

  • Maximum insulation to the outside – at 250°C construction temperature < 60°C outside temperature
  • Full utilization of the installation space
  • Seals in corners, temperature-resistant to 500°C
  • Simple manufacturing of the construction shaft 

Cost drivers
SLM machines are still very expensive. Installation space is not the only cost driver, but an important one. This is where AM-SHAFT comes in:

  • Construction shaft form: the more simple and precise the installation space can be produced, the more cost-effective and reliable it will be for the user
  • Sealing the powder bed: optimal sealing prevents not only powder wear, it also reduces the particulate load for the user
  • Heat insulation against the machine:best possible heat management improves the energy balance and notably increases accuracy and process stability   
  • Installation space utilization for a small footprint: every square meter counts. Although round construction platforms offer the best laser beam quality (minimum focus distortion compensation), they do prevent optimum use of the footprint