Additive building solutions up to 500°C (printing) or up to 650°C (stress-free-annealing)


Suitable tools for continuous data preparation 

With many years of experience in the CAD/CAM sector, and also in tools for machining production and additive manufacturing, CADS.ADDITIVE offers a full range of suitable tools for handling the complex data flow.

1. AM-Lock configurator – integrated functions for optimum production planning

  • The segmenting of the construction plate can be adapted to the construction task at hand
  • Selection of possible segments from the database
  • Preparation of the AM construction process in the segmented digital installation space itself
  • Preparation of downstream processes (turning, milling, measuring, ...) via interfaces to customer-specific third-party software components (e.g. CAM)


2. Additve.Support

Rod Support

  • Customizable basic geometries with increased flexural rigidity
  • Optimal distribution based on statistical methods

Line Support

  • Support geometry for the stabilization of thin-walled areas
  • Increased rigidity with optional ribbing and concentric offset function

Block Support

  • The conventional method at speed
  • Solid, long-established cornerstone of additive manufacturing in the powder bed process

Adaptive Cell Support

  • Cell-based support geometry for low-material support of large areas
  • Orthotropic control of the mechanical properties

Tree Support

  • Bionic structure following the principle of evolution
  • Efficient support for areas that are hard to access with low surface penetration

3. Additive.Core

  • Extremely high performance, can be stored on a server if required
  • New type of neutral format
  • Post-processors – Translation into various manufacturer-specific control files
  • Minimum memory usage– Neutral format reduces the system resource utilization by factors
  • Modular architecture enables fast and partial changes even in running/validated process environments
  • Platform neutral – Microsoft and Linux-compatible

4. Additive.Log

Simple data comparison

  • Visualization and analysis of sensor data
  • Correlation of sensor data with mechanical properties of finished components
  • Deriving optimization potential of the proprietary production process
  • Data archiving for compliance with specified standards 

User-friendly and intuitive

  • Intuitive representation of the data flood
  • Correlation of measured data with additional sensor systems (e.g. meltpool monitoring)
  • Guided troubleshooting based on defined limit values
  • Optional real-time monitoring 


5. Integration into

  • ptc – CADS.Additive for CREO
  • Dassault Systems
  • Siemens
  • MachineWorks